Erin M McCuskey


(a)musing – a musing, musing, muse, museum, a museum

The term museum conceals an historical lineage from genesis to creation that leverages woman against the torsos and marble that the male gaze would have for her. At work in the reception of this term is the 9 muses of history, dance and literature. What happens when they reclaim their podium, shelling the pomp they’ve be garbed in? Silently and with salacious intent we give our home-made crowns a spit and polish. A muse’s work is not the sum of her inspiration in others.

This series explores the muse and the pursuit of her own work, in large scale on luscious velvet banners.

Series: 9 works Size: 3000h x 1400w State: Unique state, velvet, braid, fringe, quilted velvet, found feathers

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